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High class mixed-use building containing offices, residential and public areas. Among the many composition possibilities the chosen solution is the one that proposes less building units which are higher instead of several lower ones. That provides considerably more green space than the exigible. Regardless of the variety of functions all the building units follow our neomodernist approach. The shape simplicity, sheer skin, hi-tech detail and at the same time the functionality and energy efficiency – these are the unifying factors followed throughout the design process.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Function: Luxury Mixed-use Building

Phase: concept

Project year: 2017

Architects:  Rumen Parvanov, Iskren Galev, Julia Dukova, Elena Zhelyazkova, Radomira Koleva, Alexandra Atanasova, Yoana Staneva, Stefania Koleva, Tsvetelina Peneva