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First place winner in open competition for multi-storey parking in Plovdiv, 2019! 

Our project illustrates an innovative approach for blending parking structures into the overall design of urban spaces, integrating public areas for social activities.
Compact construction is the key, especially in city centers as parking systems must fit into a limited space. Which is why we chose an automated parking system that allowed us to use the extra area for creating 450 sq. m. of green public spaces for sports and recreation.
The project is situated in the central areas in the city of Plovdiv and is based on Vertical Rotary Parking (VRP) ®, it accommodates 12 towers with a total of 192 parking spaces.
The Aluminum expanded mesh panels rotated at 90°,180° and 270° create a dynamic façade that offers observers a different visual experience depending on their position as they move through the site.

Location:  Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Area: 1 200 sq.m.

Status: Competition winner

Project year: 2019

Architects:  Rumen Parvanov, Iskren Galev, Ilko Nikolov, Yoana Staneva, Alexandra Atanasova