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The project presents design of a shelter in the ‘Tri Kladentsi’ area in Vitosha National Park. The aim is to create a sustainable building unit providing shelter in critical weather conditions. The urge to use long-lasting, recyclable materials determines the utilization of a pre-used sea container that is easy to transport, mount, dismount, displace and expand following a modular design scheme. The container rises above ground level with its orientation taking into consideration the terrain slope, as well as the mainly north-west winds and the views.

location:        Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

Function:       mountain shelter

Status:          competition entry

Area:            12 sq.m                 

Project year: 2017

Architects: Rumen Parvanov, Iskren Galev, Julia Dukova, Yavor Yakimov, Yoana Staneva, Alexandra Atanasova, Stefania Koleva, Tsvetelina Peneva